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3D Apps

Manage Files and Projects

Import single or multiple files in AMF, STL OBJ, or Gcode format and use our cloud for storage and management.

Share Files and Printers

Share files and 3D Printers with queuing or full print privileges. Perfect for educators with multiple students and print jobs to manage.

Magic Fix

Our Magic Fix App prepares designs automatically for 3D Printing. Magic Fix analyzes, repairs and rotates files for printing exactly on your unique 3D Printer.

Cloud Slicer

Cura, Slicr and MiracleGrue in the cloud. You can slice 3D models into horizontal layers and convert it into a digital code (gcode) which will be used by your 3D printer.

STL Editor

This powerful visualization tool allows you to move, rotate, and scale multiple STL’s with ease. Use hot-keys for fast editing and position models precisely for your specific printers build platform with viewpoints from every angle.

Toolpath Viewer

See the layer-by-layer breakdown of the speed and exact path your gcode will take. Look at complete slicing settings and parameters to make sure every print is a success. This tool is ideal for admins to visualize if files are printable prior to starting jobs.

Virtual Factory Premium

Virtual Factory allows you to manage the workflow for all of your different machines that are part of the manufacturing process. You can track files through your workflow all the way up to the point of production and mark as complete once a job is finished.

Obfuscator Premium

Want to share your designs but afraid of having them stolen? Use the Obfuscator tool to distort your object, so it has the original shape but altered geometry. Set the quality from 1 (completely distorted) to 200 (similar to original file).

Prototype Premium

The Prototype app is used to create a shell of an object. This tool removes the insides of a model to reduce the infill, making it use less material and print faster. Use the slider to increase the inner shell thickness in mm (1 = 1 mm, 200 = 200 mm)

Simplify Premium

Create your own low-poly models with ease! Use the Simplify app to change the polygon structure of your object. Adjust the slider from 1 (low poly – bigger cubes) to 200 (high poly – smaller cubes).


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